AFIlogistics Cloud Backup is an amazing piece of secure private file synchronisation software. It’s cross platform and takes care of complex Peer 2 Peer connectivity flawlessly. Just load AFIlogistics Cloud Backup on two or more machines and you can be synchronizing folders across the Internet in no time. But this product is about professional and enterprise cloud BACKUP!.

If you are using or planning on using AFIlogistics Cloud Backup as a backup solution, you are giving yourself a false sense of security. AFIlogistics Cloud Backup synchronizes folders across machines and keeps them in sync. If you accidentally overwrite a critical document with blank document, in seconds AFIlogistics Cloud Backup will replicate your mistake across all your “backups” and you will be stuck recreating your masterpiece from scratch.

But if we implement a backup strategy along with AFIlogistics Cloud Backup a true personal cloud backup solution can be created. LeverageAFIlogistics Cloud Backup as the secure and private transport mechanism. And use automated backup software to create the restore points of the Sync folders. Now when you overwrite that critical document you will be able to restore from the last good point in time using the backup software.

The solution also extends to current projects maintained and generated by AFIlogistics like custom made applications or groupware servers.