Why ITbrain?

ITbrain is your integrated IT service management (ITSM) platform in TeamViewer. Manage your or your clients’ IT the right way.

Fully integrated

ITbrain is completely integrated in TeamViewer – roll out comprehensive IT management with just a few clicks.


Cater to the individual needs of your clients and customers by creating customized ITbrain policies.


ITbrain grows with your business. Easily expand your capacity as demand increases.

For Managed Service Providers

Grow your business with ITbrain. Expand your service offering and serve customers more efficiently.

  • Amaze your customers with superior service
  • Know of problems before your customers do
  • The right set of tools deployed with just a few clicks

For IT Departments

Increase visibility and improve the performance of your IT. Maintain your devices proactively, and provide security and stability for your IT infrastructure.

  • Reduce your downtime & increase IT performance
  • Proactively schedule maintenance
  • Ensure business continuity through top-notch IT


Monitor devices proactively and get notified as soon as something is going on. Jump right in to fix things before they turn into real problems.

  • Remote Deployment
  • Unlimited Checks
  • Remote Task Manager

ITbrain Monitoring


Protect your devices against malicious software such as viruses, ransomware, trojans, spyware, rootkits, and more!

  • VB100 certification of reliability
  • Active ransomware protection
  • USB autoscan & Microsoft Outlook add-in

ITbrain Anti-Malware

Asset Management

Get an overview of all your deployed hard- and software in your IT infrastructure.

  • Detailed hardware and software information
  • CSV export of inventory reports
  • Important device information at a glance (e.g., IP address, operating system, etc.)

ITbrain Asset Management


Backup important business data to the cloud – of course under highest security standards.

  • Full remote capabilities
  • Backup on Amazon AWS S3 servers
  • Highest security standards

ITbrain Backup

Learn how just one person transformed the IT of a whole business with ITbrain and TeamViewer.

“I’m frequently told that I am the best IT person they’ve ever had at the dealership. I know that a lot of that goes to TeamViewer and ITbrain’s ability to help me simplify organization and support my team’s needs remotely whenever they need me.”

– Michael Barron Jr., IT Manager, Carey Paul Honda